Deposit insurance at Pokerbet Casino

Deposit insurance at Pokerbet Casino

Protect your first deposit. 100% cashback to your account!

Here's an exclusive bonus offer from Pokerbet Casino for all new players!

Now you don't have to worry about money on your account. Our new "Deposit Insurance" promotion gives you back 100% of your first deposit you lost! How awesome is that?!

How does it work?

1. Make a deposit of up to 500 UAH (12USD/EUR) with the bonus code DEPINS1 at the Pokerbet Casino cashier.

2. Play any of the games at our casino with a bet of up to 20 UAH inclusive.

3. Get the full amount of your deposit back to your account in case of losing.

It is simple and very profitable!

You do not have to wager the amount that will come back to your account. And you can track the progress on your insurance in the "Cashier - History" section.

Please note! Under the terms of the promotion, players are not allowed to buy bonus games in the casino and to wager the deposit amount in poker.

Play and don't lose at the most generous online casino! Good luck!

Additional terms and conditions

1. The "Deposit Insurance" promotion starts on December 5, 2022.
2. Deposit insurance cannot be combined with any other bonus offer at Pokerbet Casino.
3. All Pokerbet Casino games are featured in the promotion.
4. The maximum deposit amount for the promotion is 500 UAH (12$/12€).
5. The maximum bet in the insured game is 20 UAH (0.8$/0.8€). If you bet or purchase a bonus game over 20 UAH (0.8$/0.8€), the insurance will be cancelled.
6. The deposit amount will be returned to the account after account balance falls below 5 UAH (0.2$/0.2€).
7. The insurance will be active within 72 hours after making a deposit with the bonus code
8. The deposit amount is returned to the account if the player loses it in the casino within 72 hours.
9. During the insured game, the player is prohibited from playing poker or sport. Otherwise, the insurance will be cancelled.
10. If players are found to have engaged in fraudulent activities or breaking the website rules, the insurance will be cancelled.
11. Pokerbet Casino reserves the right to void the bonus or not pay it out due to a technical error or malfunction.
12. Pokerbet Casino reserves the right to change the promotion or stop it at any time.
13. By taking part in the promotion, you automatically agree to the terms and conditions of the promotion and to the Pokerbet rules.